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Educational Assessment, Inc. provides credential evaluations of foreign nationals for immigration purposes, and has done so for more than 10 years.  Please note that our services include academic evaluations as well as several other features.  We can also provide experiential evaluations for your client who has not completed the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s degree in his/her home country.  We offer several options for experience evaluations, including expert opinions from professors currently employed in U.S. universities, using the USCIS’s rule of 3 years work experience = one year of undergraduate coursework. 

But best of all, we will provide a quick preliminary analysis at no charge

Our basic services, fees and turnaround times are as follows:

Evaluation of Academic Credentials (Formal Education only):
Standard (5 business days) - $80
Expedited in 3 business days - $100
Expedited in 2 business days - $125  
24-hour/Same Day Service - $175

Evaluation of Professional Work Experience & Academic Credentials:
            $150 (5 days) to $275 (2-3 days) Staff/In-House Evaluation *(ask for details)
            $500 (7-10 days) to $750 + (5 days or less) Professor/Expert letter

Position Evaluation/Specialty Occupation:
Standard (7 business days) - $375 * Expedited (3 days or less) - $500 and up

Expert Opinion letters (Relevancy of degree, Labor Certification, Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher, etc.): Fees vary based on time frame and detail needed, quoted on case-by-case basis

If you do decide to request an evaluation, simply fax, e-mail, or mail us a copy of the relevant documents, including a cover sheet with the following information to help us process your case in a timely manner:

  • Please give us the full and correct name sequence for the individual being evaluated
  • Please tell us if you are requesting an academic or an experience evaluation, or other service
  • Tell us if you need the case completed on an expedited basis or standard turnaround time
  • Please give us the name/address/phone of the contact person and who to invoice (if other than contact)


Quotes on demand for all major languages. Just call us or send us an email to get a quick quote and time frame.

Again, thank you for trying Educational Assessment, Inc



To request an analysis of your case.... simply send copies of the relevant materials to our office via fax, email or mail. These would typically include diplomas, transcripts, resume, etc. Please include a cover sheet or a message in the text of your email with your contact information so that we can provide you with a free preliminary analysis at no charge, typically within 24-48 hours.





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